Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer Solstice
 Remember the percolating ideas that Spring brought. Continue to nurture and nourish these.
On days that are dark or discouraging and you can’t seem to pick up a pen, a paintbrush or yourself. Its ok. Your ideas and dreams are safe!
Summer Solstice is another chance, another new year. Cement those dreams and ideas in writing. Rewrite, adjust and fertilize.
The Summer, the sizzle and the heat have just begun. What you think, act on, start to create now you will reap in the Fall. Replenish, pick out the weeds, feed yourself and your soul.
Build it and let it build. Tend to them and yourself like a garden.
Its time
Happy Solstice.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Life as an Artist

My Life as an Artist

When I was a child I wandered in the woods and adored the outdoors. I would write poems and paint pictures and I was in love with the world. The woods were my refuge, my secret and my home.
 Somewhere along the way the world changed. I changed. Art was still with me, but it came from a different place, a darker place, a more soulful place. I turned away from my connection with nature and connected with concrete.
 In my darkest moments of loneliness and Existential angst, I would paint from pain. I would paint people, places & times out of my life. When the piece was done so was the emotion. It was very cathartic…and it served me well.
 Life changes even more & I find myself in the “in between” space. Back where I belong…in the woods, with nature, in a much brighter space but a much different space then where I began. With an even greater appreciation and need to express as an express the beauty & sacredness of the natural world. To give a voice to the trees, the rocks, the animals, ultimately giving a voice to those that have none.
 The happiness in creating for me is to show the beauty of the world in both the light and the dark.
Everyone has a gift they are meant to bring to the world and I found it. I knew it as a child, lost it in chaos and found it again. I painted myself back into existence. Well worth the journey.