Monday, 1 September 2014

Standing on the Edge of Fall

Remembering the Spring with all its hope, aspirations and dreams. Newness and sparks all gone. The Summer short-lived is fizzling out. We stand on the edge of Fall.
It brings with it a sense of “cleaning house”, finishing-up, focusing and grounding.
Finish off all the projects half done, ideas put aside. Re-paint that canvas that isn’t working. Whether that be a real canvas, an idea, a relationship or a story. Tie up loose ends with projects and people. Cut cords, squash projects and ideas that don’t work. Your energy is needed and deserved elsewhere. The creative gardens need to be turned over, re-worked and in some cases put to rest. Do what needs to be done. It is a perfect time to sow some new seeds for a Fall and Winter ‘creative garden’. Open your senses: see the differences in the sun light and the shadows, feel the changing temperature on your skin, notice the foliage of the plants and the scent of the earth, acknowledge the subtle changes that another cycle is ending and another is beginning. Let it feed your creativity. Start something new. No need to hibernate yet!
Get inspired looking forward.
Don’t look back.
Everything changes.