Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Light is Dimming

The light is dimming. Mornings are dark, hard to catch a ray of sun after 6pm.
A little less outward energy, with a little more reflection and self-reflection.
Creative fires are dimming.
Getting ready for the big sleep.
The ideas/projects/dreams of Spring or Summer not come to fruition?
Not enough time? Not good timing? Not finished?
Discard the frustrating ones. Keep the important ones. Some of the creative embers from the fires of other seasons can be dreamt with until Spring.
Curl up and dream with them but remember to dream other dreams too. Realize that there will always be new dreams, new ideas and new creative projects. If the embers of old dreams cant be brought back to life know that there will always be something new to spark creativity. That is what Spring is all about. That is what life is all about.
Prepare to hibernate. Until then draw something, write something and create something every day. These may well become the ‘slow builders’ in the Dreamtime of Winter to re-emerge in the Spring as the catalysts to spark the creative forces within.
Happy preparation for the Dreamtime!